Christian Dating Pt1: What Does the Bible Say?

I’ve said it before; today’s Christian expects their relationships to resemble a Disney Movie Relationship. This creates unrealistic expectations in a relationship. It also helps make Christians vulnerable to predators, both male and female. I will break down the topic into articles.

• What does it mean when the bible says we should be equally yoked?
• What about when the bible says we should not knit our soul to an unbeliever?
• Should we tolerate abuse?

Everyone knows the standard verses that pertain to Christian Relationships and Christian Dating. There were some general themes when I asked dozens of Christians what they wanted in a spouse. How do they choose whom they will date?

When I asked people about Christian dating, one person said, “God won’t let people who are not equally yoked fall in love.” Another person said “If it is willed by people, the personal stuff will interfere. If it is God’s will, then the love will prevail.”

This naive line of thinking is why there is so much abuse in the church. Christians are vulnerable to abusive people. This is why Christians date the wrong person and end up doing things that separate them from God.

What Christians don’t realize is that non-Christians act differently than Christians. They don’t have anything stopping them from sinning. They act out in anger and passion. They start a relationship on physical and then move into friendship. They have the ability to hurt Christians without actually being bad people, but those little hurts build up. Eventually 10000 little hurts wear down the Christian.

Does God want Christians to just chat and make friends for a few months, asking questions etc, before they decide to date?

The questions are usually the result of not reading the bible. The New Testament does tell us what we should look for in a mate. There are some very clear ideals of what a good Christian woman and man acts like. However, before we take a look at that, we need to look at your ideas of a good Christian.

The Apostle Paul addresses the relationship between husband and wife in Ephesians 5:22-33. He briefly advises wives to submit and respect their husbands. What is often overlooked is that Paul spends more time, admonishing husbands to love their wives as much as they love themselves. He points to Christ’s deep love for the church as an example to be followed in the marriage relationship.

Each Christian dating in today’s world will be looking for something different. God understood this when he created the bible. He knew how easy it was for Satan to manipulate someone who was ‘love sick.’ After all, the couple are in love, nothing else matters. This is where the couple overlooks the rules that God created concern dating and relationships – like avoiding fornication.

Christian Dating Part1: What Does The Bible Say?

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